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There are tons of Airbnb Playa del Carmen spots available, so how do you know which one's right for you? You need to pay attention to reviews and location when looking for an Airbnb in Mexico; there may be things that locals would notice that you might not.

Choosing the Right Location

If you're going to be visiting Playa del Carmen, you probably want to be in the city proper. The areas around Playa del Carmen can be quite spread out and you can easily find yourself across the border to another area -- not a big deal, but you're likely to experience traffic stops in or out of the region.

Reading Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to choose an Airbnb in Mexico. Don't just look at the star rating; look at what people are saying about the place. It might matter. A place may be perfect except for spotty WiFi, which you don't need. Or it may have a very low rating because it's away from the beach, which you might not care about. Read the reviews carefully and ask questions.

Comparing Different Spots

When looking for Airbnb Playa del Carmen options, don't forget to compare prices. You will likely find that an Airbnb in Mexico is far cheaper than a resort, but consider that you probably don't want to select the cheapest either; there's going to be a very wide range. Compare both the different spots and prices to determine which is ideal for you.

Choosing an Airbnb in Mexico doesn't have to be a complicated experience, but you should read everything and look at the terms. In particular, check out cleaning fees and guest fees, because these are most likely to affect your costs. To get started on your next vacation, take a look at Downtown Villa.

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