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If you're visiting Playa Del Carmen, you've likely already looked at a lot of resorts and hotels. The area has everything available from affordable hotels to very high-end all-inclusive resorts. So how can you know that you're choosing the right option for you? While there may be a lot of hotels and resorts, many don't consider the advantages of a luxury rental instead. Here's what you need to know.

What is a Luxury Rental in Playa Del Carmen?

A luxury rental is a complete apartment or home that you can rent yourself. You'll have freedom and privacy instead of having to deal with other people on your vacation — the perfect retreat for those who just want to relax. But luxury rentals still come with all the great amenities you'd expect, including pools, saunas, and hot tubs. Luxury rentals often have kitchens that you can use and you can stock the fridge without worrying about a mini-bar.

Why should you choose a luxury rental rather than a Playa Del Carmen resort?

Resorts can be more expensive than a luxury rental and have less privacy. With a resort, you're in the same hotel as hundreds of other people, and you're often going to need to interact with staff. But with a luxury rental, you're completely in control of your own vacation. Not only is there privacy, but the amenities are often superior; better beds, better showers, and better everything. You can even get a kitchen all to yourself if you want to prepare food for your company.

Ultimately, it's about the type of trip you want. If you want people around to cater to you constantly, a luxury resort might be better. But if you're a more self-motivated person who wants their vacation and their trip to be their own, a luxury rental is the best way to experience Playa Del Carmen. Contact Downtown Villa to find out more.

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