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Chef Miguel, Pre-stocking, and breakfast services

Updated: Feb 11

What's the cost to pre-stock the villa? What should we pre-stock the villa with? How much is a BBQ from Chef Miguel? Should we order breakfast? Can we order snacks? How does it work?

These are the most common questions our guests ask when it comes to food. Some of them have a straightforward answer, like how it works. But what to order and how much it costs are tricky questions, cause all groups have different needs, wants, sizes, budgets and plans, plus prices change often. Let’s start with pre-stock shall we?  

Our guests usually pre-stock the house with the fun basics: drinks and snacks. To give you an example, a group of 10 guests that stayed for two nights ordered these items; please note the costs vary, as these were quoted a couple of months ago.

Tequila Cuervo Tradicional (1) (US$17.50)

Mezcal 400 Conejos (1) (US$23)

Absolut Vodka (1) (US$14)

Control Orange Liqueur (1) (US$8)

Whiskey Black Label (1) (US$40)

Coronita Extra beer (12) (US$5.5)

Corona Light beer (12) (US$6.5)

Heineken beer (12) (US$9)

Red Wine Robert Mondavi (1) (US$11)

Rose Wine Beringer (1) (US$12)

Lemons (1.5kg) (US$2)

Coca Cola 2 liter bottle (2) (US$3)

Coca Cola light 2 liter bottle (2) (US$3)

Mineral water 2 liter bottle (5) (US$5)

Gatorade (12) (US$10)

Clamato 1.89 liter bottle (3) (US$5)

Maggie 145 ml (4) (US$4.5)

Tabasco 60ml (1) (US$2)

Hummus (1) (US$3.5)

Labne (1) (3.5)

Brie cheese (1) (US$6)

Baked tostadas (1) (US$1)

Mozzarella cheese shredded (1) (US$5)

Tortilla (1kg) (US$0.50)

Cucumber (1kg) (US$1.5)

Tomatoes (1kg) (US$1.5)

Watermelon (1) (US$0.05)

Apple (1kg) (US$2.5)

TOTAL: US$206.5

How does the pre-stock service work? Just send us your list and we will quote you the items. Once you agree to the quantities and total amount, we will purchase your items and store them at the villa prior to your arrival. The total is payable upon arrival in cash. We will hand you your notes upon arrival too. Please note there is a 20% pre-stock fee from the pre-stock total. If you arrive late, you can pay in the morning. 

For breakfast our guests usually order breakfast service from our staff instead of from the chef, as it's less expensive and delicious! The costs for Continental Breakfast is US$20 per person, per day (fresh fruit, toast, butter, marmalade, coffee and tea) and if you add eggs, chilaquiles or pancakes it's US$35 per person, per day. 

How does the breakfast service work? You just have to let us know 72 hours ahead the number of days and guests that want the service, as well as the time. The service is payable in cash too, before or after the service. Please note gratuity is not included in the cost. 

To order snacks, you just have to let us know 24-48 hours in advance when, what and at what time you want Chef Miguel to deliver to the villa fresh ceviche, guacamole, tostadas, salsa and chips, or anything you are craving. We will send the quote and work with you until you are happy with your order! The service is payable in cash when the food is delivered. If you ask me, this is a must! 

As for late lunch or dinner, chef Miguel’s BBQ is truly special. He can prepare for you tailored menus that can include grilled shrimp, steak fajitas, ribeye, lobster, octopus.. and grilled veggies like corn, zucchini, peppers… and of course you can add for sides rice, beans, salsa, guacamole, ceviche, quesadillas… YOU name it! 

How much does it cost? Do I have to reserve? Chef Miguel’s service cost varies between US$30 o US$35 dollars per person, per service, depending on the amount of guests. His service cost does not include food. 

The usual food cost per person varies between US$25 to US30, depending on what you want to eat. How does it work? Send your menu (search for suggestions on our webpage) and we'll prepare your quote and work with you until you are happy with your menu or menus.

To reserve his service, there is a non-refundable US$100 fee per service, which is deducted from your total cost. This fee is payable via Venmo, Moneypool, or PayPal (add 5% for PayPal).

As for food and service costs, Chef Miguel will pick up funds from the villa at least 48 hours prior to his service.

Don’t forget to add desert. His creamy caramel flan is famous! 



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